Month: November 2016



Wings to soar
Wings to fly
Wings on which I rise
Over earth, into the eternal sky

Wings of force
Wings of skill
Wings on which I glide
Over earth, until I make the kill.

Wings so wide
Wings so strong
Wings on which I reign
Over earth, my entire life-long.
~ Rich ~

There is Beauty



There is beauty
Despite foul political winds
There is beauty
Removed from others selfish ends
There is beauty
When things don’t go our way
There is beauty
Even on our darkest day
There is beauty
When it all seems lost
There is beauty
When we can’t count the cost
There is beauty
Inherent in the cycles of life
There is beauty
Within days of challenge and strife.

Days like today, perhaps?

The beauty is there
If we will only look.
~ Rich ~