Author: Rich Proctor

About Rich Proctor

Hello, my name is Rich and I am a photographer / writer / poet / endurance athlete / dog lover / all-around adventure seeker. Welcome to my world. The main purpose of this blog is to document my journey out of a dissatisfying existence of under-achievement and unused potential, into an extra-ordinary life of remarkable achievement and fulfillment. And hopefully inspire a few people along the way. This is my story. This is my mission. This is my moment. This is my life. Please join me on this amazing journey, won't you?

The Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle

The Mighty Eagle
Taking a moment’s respite
A wonderful sight.
~ Rich ~

The Freedom

The Freedom

The freedom to live
The freedom to fly

The freedom to determine
How far and how high.

The freedom to attempt

The freedom to soar

The freedom to fail
Then try once more

The freedom is here

The freedom is mine

The freedom is provided

By a power divine.

God bless America!
~ Rich ~